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Welcome to all things Volunteer - related! 

What is a #Selfie to Selfless VIP?

Someone that Selflessly Volunteers, Inspires and Participates:

  • VOLUNTEER: You can volunteer your time, money, knowledge, resources, etc. I know that someone somewhere is praying for whatever you have to offer.

  • INSPIRE: Seek inspiration daily, but also live in such a way that would naturally inspire others.

  • PARTICIPATE: Participate by spreading awareness, participate by hosting a fundraiser, participate by simply showing up. None of this works unless you do!

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Do you enjoy interacting with people? Whether it be infants all the way up to those who are 89-years-young, or those facing homelessness all the way to others experiencing Human Trafficking, I know some people you need to know...


Are you an animal lover? Whether you are looking to adopt a companion of your own, or simply have a passion to bring awareness & support to those that need our voice.

Read more to find out how you can make a difference.


Hey there, Tree Hugger! Do you have a calling for the great outdoors? From beach clean-ups, to protecting our National Forests, this is where you can get plugged in to make sure that we leave this planet better than how we found it!


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