Updated: Oct 24, 2019

"Don't just teach kids to count. Teach them what counts the most."- unknown

I personally do not have children of my own yet, BUT, I somehow have formed a band of mini Selflettes, who I believe, will one day rule the world. And oh, what a selfless world it could be under their reign....

This band of Selflettes is comprised of parents who have teamed up with their minions, and have taught them the art of selflessly giving back. Giving back with children CAN BE FUN!, and woven into everyday life. Children are sponges; they're absorbing everything. I am so passionate about making sure they understand the Life They Were Created To Live, rather than waiting for the world to tell them otherwise.

So my little Selflettes.... grab your capes! It's time to fly!

Precious little Parker, going through a box of basics for families in need.

Little Lola picking up trash on the beach with her parents during an afternoon walk in Los Angeles.

"What we teach our kids, our nieces, our nephews, Goddaughters and Godsons is so crucial. Tiny eyes are watching, and quickly-growing brains are absorbing our every movement. They are watching how we take care of this planet, and how we treat those that are different than us. If we want to change the world, it begins right here, at home. Educating, practicing, and loving, day-in and day-out." - Kristen Perino, S-to-S

Pictured above are photos from a beach clean up that two of my best girlfriends did with their little girls.

I am so proud of these mamas (who I also call dear friends). They are leading the way to a better, more selfless tomorrow!

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